Piaggio Ape

Disruptive Business Ideas No 1-5

Many companies are engaged in “Digital Transformation”.

I’ve put together a list of technology based businesses that challenge the status quo.

  1. Dynamic inventory management
    A supplier of frozen foods uses Internet of things to monitor freezer temperatureand product weight. A response mechanism takes care of low temperature and nearstock out conditions.
  2. Liquid Money
    A Liquid Money account enables me to transfer money to an account hosted bya  third party bank. As well the account uses an interest rate auction to park my money with the maximal return and minimum risk.

    There is no “Bank” per se in this model but rather an federation of financialinstitutions, My LiquidMoney account is virtual in that it is the same account identificationacross all participating banking institutions. A banking machine card acceptsdeposits and gives out cash. The system protects me from money laundering andfraud.
  3. Proxima
    The concept stems from an old mesh network idea of mine. Imagine where if youare walking down a retail street or though a mall, each vendor you walk bytexts you a time limited coupon to your phone. If the offer is agreeable, youshow up at the retail outlet within the time limit, buy the product on offerand receive the discount. Since the device is registered on he discountnetwork, the retailer gains a better understanding of their customers.
  4. HomeAbode person sensor.
    This device uses AI and speech recognition to monitor a home to determine if theperson(s) inside are well. If the person needs help, they cry out a phrase orbang on the floor. Response personnel would be paged to investigate. The systemwould as well maintain a list of medications, care givers and doctor.
  5. RestoPoints
    A restaurant points loyalty card that helps major customers to get free foodand delivery.
    For example, drink six Mill Street Lagers over say a six month period and millstreet will comp the restaurant for the business and the diner with a free beer.Works for take out and delivered orders. The RestoPoints buying groupnegotiates discounts at restaurants. The model could be extended to the case whereI am loyal to Mill Street and receive points every time I buy a Mill Street ina restaurant or the Beer Store.