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Business Ideas No 6-10

Many companies are engaged in “DigitalTransformation”.

I’ve put together a list of technology-based businesses that challenge the status quo.

  • Tourist Points
    Used by tourists to obtain travel points and hotel discounts using the Tourist room buying group.
  • PartnerNet
    Brings business partners together by sharing a product catalogue and simplified logistics.
  • BusinessSimple
    BuisinessSimple enables a business to outsource functions they have no interest in supporting. Examples include Accounting, IT, Marketing, Human Resources, Inventory, Asset Management and Operations
  • SalesLeads.com
    Detroit car salesman Joe Girard sold 500 cars a year in the 1960’s using a “Bird Dog” network technique. Say Girard asks X if they knew of anyone who was looking to buy a car and informs them he will pay $50. to X if the recommendation results in a sale. His technique is a type of affiliate marketing model.
  •  SalesLeads.com would implement a similar model for then Internet age and enable multiple sales channels to participate.
  • SalesQuotes
    The web site enables a party to issue a request for proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ). One or more vendors provide a quote. The site user picks one supplier who is notified that they were winning bid. The model may be applied to the Business to Business and consumer markets.