GoFish – Mobile Web Content Catalogue


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Idea Genesys

Observing  high school students using their phone at my local Starbucks, the following use cases leapt out of the product idea bin:

  1. Bored
    In this case they quickly flip through their messages or photos via thumb for the sake of killing time or finding something new.
  2. Social
    In this case two or more people view a phone’s content. An example of the same experience of viewing 35mm vacation slides on a projector – it’s the social experience that counts.

The content density of the Bored use case is low. It should show off a spectrum of colours to keep the flipper entertained. The Social case needs to support discussion of the topic and is assumed to offer more in depth content in the form of short text and images. In both cases, the content is short and can be consumed in say 10 seconds or less – sort of like Twitter in that regard.

To make this happen, the GoFish mobile content viewer system would:

  1. Enable content creation – is no more complex than using Microsoft Word
  2. Publish content from a catalogue of content owned by the publisher. Catalogues may be private or public.
  3. The publisher does not require a web site to host content.
  4. Public content is reviewed for compliance prior to going live.
  5. Content is retrieved by the phone’s browser from a selected catalogue.
  6. Use a fishing metaphor of a tackle box, place to  fish, rod and lure to define what catalogue, the of content is to be retrieved.
  7. Content may be delivered in a random order to support the notion of “content is entertainment”
  8. Tackle boxes may be shared so that it is possible to retrieve the same content as friends.