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Spirits in the Park

I took the subway out to Toronto’s High Park yesterday.

As I was walking up the park entrance from Bloor, a fat grey squirrel approached me, He sat on its haunches and looked straight into my eyes.

I was reminded of a time when a border collie who lived in my apartment building looked deep into my eyes. It felt like a desperate attempt to connect. The next time we crossed paths, he ignored me. The dog was old. I have not seen his owners walking him lately.

In both cases I started to wonder if the premise of the immortal soul found in most Indian religions is true.

The next strange thing that happened in High Park moments later is that a Falcon landed on a picnic table.

Was it a symbol of death?

High Parks’ squirrels are on the bird of prey’s menu. Are the two events related?

I chalk this up as a random case of being in the moment.

If the soul is truly immortal, I plan to continue my life’s journey as an Orca swimming in the waters as off the coast of British Columbia. Maybe I will be able to swim into Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, shape change into a human and get an espresso at Starbucks for an hour. I would not have money but since I’m so charming as an Orca or human, the manager always gives me free drinks!